Watch this Whole History of Marvel Cinematic Universe in just 13 Minutes

With so many movie and Marvel fans from around the world are enjoying the latest Avengers: Age of Ultron installment that is currently being shown at theaters, it's hard to admit that we actually and clearly follow what exactly is going on in this ambitious, massive and successful on going Marvel Cinematic Universe. For many if not most or not all of us. I even have a friend who didn't know that every Marvel movie he has watched are all tied together under one monster big plot. Plus I just recently knew that apart from the movie-TV series connection in the MCU, there are a few materials I didn't know that were part of the same universe. The above image (timeline) was provided to The Verge by Marvel and it lists all the movies, TV series and some stand alone short clips from the MCU. You can see another image below from CNet showing the timeline.

Thanks to the "huge nerds" over at The Verge as they took the time and effort to create a 13-minute long video explaining the entire history for Marvel Cinematic Universe. But not in chronological order though as the movies  are arranged but as one whole big picture like how it starts from this film that leads to another and what's happening here while another thing from another films is taking place somewhere else in the same timeline. Check it out below.

Source 1: The Verge
Source 2: CNet
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