MyPhone Infinity 2 to be Announced Tomorrow?

When it comes to recent flagship devices of MyPhone we often associate the word with Rio smartphones as this is the most successful series from the local company. However we rarely remember that apart from Rio, there is another sub-brand name MyPhone had released flagship devices under, the Infinity and it was triumphant too when it was first introduced last year.

Looks like MyPhone is already in heat to release a new flagship smartphone this time of the year, it's obviously not a Rio 3 of course but an Infinity 2.

There is actually no word or teaser coming from MyPhone itself about this new launch, but according to the tech blog, the local electronics giant is certainly going to officially launch the MyPhone Infinity 2 tomorrow May 19, 2015. Is it believable or not? I think it is, since MyPhone Infinity 2 Lite (see image above) has already been spotted in some physical stores in Manila.

We'll know tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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