Netflix-Type Online Streaming iFlix Hits the Philippines

Filipinos are one of the people from all over the world who are most active in the internet space and the Philippine data consumptions has been skyrocketing ever since we first got our hands on this type of technology. It even grew higher and higher since smartphones started to become available in the country, and it continues to grow more as more Pinoys are getting connected to the online world. No wonder international brands that offer online-based services are now coming to the Philippines. Remember Spotify? They are one of the biggest music streaming providers in the US. The service was not available in the PH until early last year. Many other followed after that.

Today, iFlix a Malaysia-based online streaming service provider has just arrived in the Philippines. If you are familiar with Netflix or Hulu, popular online movie and TV streaming service providers in the US, the same service structure is offered by iFlix.

Right now according to its Country Manager Sherwin Dela Cruz, iFlix offers unlimited access to up to 10,000 hours of international movies and TV shows including the Philippine-made ones. US and Korea-based TV Series/telenovelas are guaranteed to be part of the service.

iFlix has announced content deals they have recently closed that include companies like Warner Bros, BBC Worldwide, and Twentieth Century Fox, to name a few.

 “We created iflix’s revolutionary service to cater specifically to the demands of Southeast Asian consumers. We understand that the media landscape today is changing rapidly and that viewers want greater flexibility with both what they watch and when and how they watch it. iflix brings the best in entertainment to consumers across the region at an extraordinary price,” iflix Group CEO, Mark Britt said.
The iFlix Philippine website is already up and running. Interested subscribers can now proceed to the website, sign up and take advantage a 14-day free trial offer. Once trial is over, they can continue using the service for a monthly fee of just Php129. Good thing about the service is that it is not requiring anybody to be on a contract/lock up agreement, which means users can cancel or continue the service anytime they want without paying additional any fee apart from the Php129 service charge. And it's unlimited. We Filipinos love unlimited at a very low price right?

Once subscribed, users can register up to five devices. If you have a TV, a desktop/laptop computer, tablets and smartphones you are all covered up to 5 of them and watch different contents with up to two different devices at a time.

Source: InterAksyon
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