Oppo Releases Press Images for R7 and R7 Plus Smartphones

Oppo has confirmed that they will be officially unveiling the upcoming R7 and R7 Plus smartphones later this month. But as early as today, we've already seen a number of confirmed materials for the two phones, about a couple of days ago Oppo released a short commercial clip for the device revealing there are going to be a bigger R7 Plus coming along the normal one. Today the Chinese electronics giants has revealed additional stuff for the R7 and R7 Plus, the press images. See them below.

The photos above give us hints as to what we can expect from the yet-to-be-announced Oppo smartphones. On the front side, we can see that the R7 Plus opted for an on-screen navigation feature leaving only the Oppo name on the lower bezel while the standard R7 still has the capacitive keys below, but many think that users will still have the option to switch to on-screen mode.

On the back it's very obvious that the camera placement differs from each other. The bigger one sports the fingerprint scanner right below the camera lens. Although those features are still to be confirmed, the photos already tell us so. Plus the casing seems to be a uni-body structure made of aluminum metal, similar to iPhone devices. I find these phones very beautiful especially the R7 Plus.

It is expected that the R7 will have atleast 5-inch display and the Plus variant to be around 6 inches. And since these are going to be flagship devices, we can also expect Oppo to put more power on these smartphones that aim to compete head to head with other big names in the industry. All of those will be revealed once Oppo has fully launched these two before the month ends.

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