Periscrope Now Allows Sign-ups even without a Twitter Account

The live broadcasting and streaming app Periscope just got updated and it's going to be a good news for all users who does not have or do not want to use their Twitter account. Periscope can now be used to broadcast or view stream without the need to have a Twitter account. However, the option to use one is still available and whoever uses their social media account will still get follow recommendations list from other Twitter users.

So instead of a Twitter account, users can now use their phone numbers to sign up on Periscope. This specific update also comes along with a couple of others. One of those is the ability to change profile picture as this is one of the feedback/request they get from users since Periscope was launched by Twitter six weeks ago. The team said users simply need to tap on their profile photo to change it and get a new one from their camera rolls or capture a new photo.

The Periscope team also made the commenting experience much easier, this is also one of the complaints users have where many of them had difficulty replying to someone else's comment during broadcast. Starting today, all they have to do is tap on the comment they want to reply, hit the reply icon and a pop-up comment window will be ready with the commenter's username for mention.

Another notable update has to do with blocking a participant in the broadcast, when the broadcaster blocks someone a message will appear in the chatroom indicating a block was made and this is to  "add an important layer of transparency and accountability to the comments in a broadcast," said in a post made by Periscope on Medium, and then part of the update was to clean out a lot of bugs, the post added.

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