Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to be Released in July?

Galaxy Note Edge
When it comes to Samsung devices, there are only two devices that immediately pop up on our mind in spite of a number of smartphones the Korean company releases year after year, and those are the flagships Galaxy S and Galaxy Note Series.  While the recent Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge are getting so much attentions which includes sales across the globe, rumors about the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 phablet have started to heat up.

So far it is the Korean outlet WhoWired has the biggest rumor details about the inevitable Note 5 device. The website claims that Samsung is reportedly pushing forward the official release of the 5th Galaxy Note to the end of July, that's from the current expected announcement on September 4 at this year's 2015 IFA convention in Berlin.

Since September 2011, we have been witnessing new Galaxy Note phablets from Samsung and that is the reason why most are expecting the new Note to be unveiled this September. However WhoWired pointed out that it is part of Samsung's strategy to beat Apple's sales as the recent adoption to bigger displays with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus poses threat to Samsung sales success in the bigger-screen scene. Samsung wanted to unveil and release the Galaxy Note 5 as early as July which is months ahead of Apple's expected iPhone 6 follow up in October.

Rumors about specs and features a bit limited as of writing, some say that Samsung will be opting either for a 2K or 4K resolution for the two Note 5 phablets, a standard Note 5 and a Note Edge 2/Note 5 Edge if history is to follow.

Also, July is the release month for the Samsung Pay, the Korean electronics company's answer to Apple Pay which swill be working with any credit card or NFC terminal.

If this speculation is real, that July is the month for the Galaxy Note 5, I am now expecting to see specs and image leaks starting next month or maybe earlier than that.

Source: Who Wired Korea
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