Watch: Unboxing the Official Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition

Earlier this month, Samsung was rumored to be working with Marvel Entertainment and making a limited Iron Man Edition of the current Galaxy S6 Edge. Then mid-May Samsung teased us with a photo of the box the phone will come in all customized with Iron Man theme and said "coming soon". That soon has arrived, sort of.

Today Samsung officially unveiled the Iron Man Edition of Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone and released an official unboxing video clip giving us a very first look at the spinoff device in full glory and action.

The S6 Edge comes in Iron Man iconic red and gold theme color with a special Iron Man faceplate printed or engraved to the back panel of the device. Also part of the package is a wireless charging pad, A Samsung made one, sporting a complete look of one of Iron Man's latest Arc Reactors. It's a complete Iron Man themed experience from hardware to the software side of the flagship smartphone with just one missing piece which I am pretty sure many Iron Man and Samsung Galaxy S series fans anticipated since first hearing the news about it, J.A.R.V.I.S-voiced virtual assistant. That is right, Jarvis is not part of this edition. Apart from that British accented virtual voice provided by Paul Bettany in Iron Man and Avengers movies, the smartphone is a complete geek treat for the geeks.

You want to get your hands on this limited edition device? Well, there is a tiny problem. You won't be able to buy one without importing your order unless you are from South Korea, Hong Kong or China as those are the only and lucky markets this Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition version will be released in starting later this month for Korea and in June for the other two countries. Pricing is yet to be revealed.

Source: Samsung
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