SKK Mobile Swift Now Available for only Php2,499

The freshly released SKK Aura and Skylark can now be purchased at any SKK Mobile kiosks and concept stores nationwide for just Php2,999 and Php2,699 respectively. You can see their store locations in the image posted below courtesy of SKK Mobile.  These are the newest budget-friendly smartphones from the local electronics company, but it does not end there.

Why? This is because SKK Mobile just got a new smartphone offering for all those folks who have been wanting to buy a new and competitive smartphone with no more than Php3k price tag. SKK Mobile Swift is introduced bearing SRP of just Php2,499 making it the most affordable of the three devices.

The above image was posted  by SKK Mobile on their Facebook page like they always do when announcing upcoming smartphone offerings. Although some of the basic specs have been revealed like the size of the screen, how big the internal storage is and up to how much it be expanded via microSD card, front and rear camera configurations and many others, there are still some missing details not revealed yet like the RAM, display resolution and and battery size.

SKK Mobile followers have been asking the company about those missing specs and was currently told to just keep on visiting their Facebook page for more details to be released about the SKK Swift smartphone. So we have to wait a little longer on that.

 But if I have to guess, I think I would base my answers on the Aura and Skylark's specs. I mentioned above that Swift is the most cheapest in terms on price, I made a specs comparison between the three devices and I also found out that the Swift has the smallest screen size (Aura = 5.5inch, Skylark = 5inch) all bearing the same resolution at 960 x 540. So I am thinking that the Swift might have the same resolution or slightly smaller but not higher. Also the first two share the same RAM size coming in at 512MB each, then it is safe to say that the Swift might also offer the same configuration. And lastly, the Aura and Skylark both have 2,800mAh batteries, this may also mean Swift will have the same size.

But then again these are just speculation of mine based on the first two smartphones. Take it with a grain of salt and I will continue monitoring the SKK Mobile Facebook page to get more up to date information for all of us about this new one.

This SKK Swift is now released for purchase as per SKK Mobile announcement today. So if you want to check it out, it should be available at the stores by this time.

 SKK Mobile Swift specs:

- 4.5" IPS display
- [ ? ] resolution
- [ ? ] Quad-core processor
- [ ? ] RAM
- 4GB internal storage
- Supports microSD card up to 32GB
- 5MP rear camera
- 2MP front camera
- Android 4.4.2 Kitkat
- WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS
- Dual-SIM
- Dual-Standby
- FM Radio
- 3G
- [ ? ] Battery

For the list of SKK Mobile store locations, here it is. SKK Mobile also said that more and more stores will be opened in the near future.

 Source: SKK Mobile
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