The New Apple Music Service Will Come to Android Platform Too

Apple gadgets are no strangers to the music industry, we've seen and used iPod devices and iTunes to get our everyday tasks done while listening to our favorite songs in the background. Today at the WWDC conference, the iOS creator company announced a yet another music-centered service that will definitely please not just the Apple users but also Android loyalists too from across the globe. The company unveiled the Apple Music service that aims to compete head to head with other giants like Pandora and Spotify in the music streaming scene.

Apple Music will be made available starting this June 30th in about 100 countries around the world. On this date all iOS and desktop PCs will be able to start streaming music and radio station 24 hours a day seven days a week. Since it is an Apple products it is understandable that it would be exclusively available to the company's users which is the case for most of the Apple fans, but it is not the case with Apple Music.

The Tim Cook-led electronics company said that before the year 2015 ends the Apple Music will also be released for Android and Apple TV users. That's right and you read it correctly, this new streaming service will have an Android version. This is a very good move since Apple is aiming to also dominate the music streaming service internationally.

Like other services, Apple also offers free trial subscription. First time subscribers can enjoy more than 30 million available tracks free of charge for the first three months. After the trial period is over the monthly fee would be $9.99 for a single user and then there is this Family Plan (up to six members) with MSF of just $14.99. Subscribers will be able to download songs for offline consumption, listen to live radio station broadcast called Beats 1 and stream music.

The famous digital assistant Siri will be integrated as well with the Apple Music where users will be able to ask help from it to play a certain song they want. For example they can ask Siri to play a soundtrack of a particular movie, or the famous song in the Summer of 1969 and many others. There's this music recommendation feature with a twist, that Apple said live and real humans will pick songs for the users with the help of algorithm to learn more about the users' music taste.

Additional feature Apple is including is called Connect, this particular function is for all artists to help them connect with their fans. It's like a social media feature of sort, artists will be able to share videos, behind-the-scenes and photos with their fans which they can like or comment on.

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