Facebook Lite App for Android Now Available in the Philippines

Are you always getting annoyed everytime you are on cellular network and Facebook app is taking so much time to load or update your newsfeed? Or do you always find yourself deleting some other apps just to accommodate the massive-memory eating Facebook app? Well, goods news for Android users in the PH has just arrived as the super trimmed down version Facebook Lite is now available for download in the Google Play Philippines site.

This particular watered-down version of Facebook app was designed for users who are in areas where internet connectivity is very slow and frustrating, also for users who have smartphones with low memory space. Sounds good right? I still have to try it on my phone and see how the real-world performance tally against what is promised. But I am pretty sure it will work just fine as I think it is not that far away from a non-smartphone Facebook app I have used before.

Just in case you do not know yet, the full-fledged Facebook app we have consumes about 250MB of space in our devices and to compare that with this Facebook Lite, this will only take around 450KB of space. That's a tremendous downsize, so don't be surprised that some major features and looks won't be available here. But we will still have the key Facebook app features like the newsfeed with photos, no video player though, post status, likes and comments.

If you want to give it a try, you may simply head to this link to Google Play and download it.

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