Facebook Lite App Comes to Android Users

Facebook's main app eats to much data from the internet thus making the newsfeed load time a lot longer especially when users are in low speed connection, and at the same time eating too much space in our smartphones and tablets memory storage. To give solutions to these kind of problems especially to those users in developing countries, the social media giant officially released a watered-down version of the app called the Facebook Lite.

The Facebook Lite app, like what the name suggests is a lighter version of the FB's main app which only sizes to about less than 1MB. That's a significant downsize from the original version, this particular app is aimed at those users who are connected to very slow internet speed like 2G or even lower.

Users can still expect the main functions of the app like Status Update, Newsfeed, Notifications, Photos and others. It is currently being rolled out in Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe. Your location/country maybe one of those to get this version, and if you still don't see it in the Google Play store it maybe just being delayed and just check it again in the future.

Unfortunately, the app is still not available in the Google Play store here in the Philippines. Many areas in the country still rely on less-than-3G connections and even on 3G still very slow in download time, and that makes me think that Philippine market is one of those in Asia to get this Facebook Lite.

If you guys already see it in the Google Play please let us know via comments below for other readers to be aware of. : )

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