There is Now "Undo Send" Feature on GMail

GMail has officially released to the public the only feature that most of us have been waiting for to be available to us for years now, the Undo Send button. It was in beta stage for about six years sitting and being tested by select users under GMail Labs project. But it's now here to stay.

I know I am not the only one who wished there was like an Unsend or Undo button somewhere in my email everytime I caught myself sending an email to someone who shouldn't be the recipient or sending an important email blast to a group of users where one or two of the recipients should have been removed. Well with this new feature on GMail, that particular scenario will be less of a problem from now on or no problem at all.

So how to enable or activate "Undo Send" function on your GMail account? Simply head to the settings section and look for a line that says "Undo Send:" then across it sits a check box which says "Enable Undo Send". See image below and the arrows.

After you check the Enable Undo Send checkbox, there is dropdown menu next to it which will provide you selection as to how long you would like to have the undo option available, that cancellation window ranges from 5 seconds up to 30 seconds. Then hit "Save Changes" button below the settings page.

Next question is, where do we see this "Unsend or Undo" option in the compose email section? See image below and the arrow again.

When you hit the Send button, usually you get a simple pop-up message that says your message has been sent. Once the new feature is activated, you will this "Undo" link and you will have that option depending on how long you set up that cancellation window.

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