Google Philippines Celebrates Independece Day via Special Doodle

Google is known for featuring some cool arts on their homepage from to time to either observe or celebrate something or someone's anniversary, birthday or achievement. The search engine giant call that art "Google Doodle". Today as the Philippines celebrate its 117th Independence Day, Google PH took part in the celebration as seen on their local homepage at 

Google Doodles are sometime just a photo of a subject, sometimes it is more than that, there are instances that Google Doodles are interactive ones where users can play around with them like simple and fun games or video clips.

Simply clicking or hovering your mouse over the doodle will give you more information as to what the doodle is all about. A lot of us have already seem Google Doodles and most of us already know how they work. : )

Great thing is, users like me can revisit previous doodles through a dedicated website Google created. Check them out here.

Thanks Google Philippines!

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