Microsoft Says Windows 10 OS will be Released Internationally on July 29th

 Windows 10 is Coming!

Good news my friends as Microsoft has just formally announced that their newest desktop and tablet operating system Windows 10 will be released globally this coming July 29, 2015. I know a lot of people have been waiting for this update ever since we first heard about it and the more we learn about the Windows 10 OS the more we become excited about it. In just a couple of months from now, most of us will get free update to this brand new and improved operating system.

Not everyone will be eligible for the free update.

We all know that Microsoft will be offering this Windows 10 for free, and then we also know that not everybody will be able to take advantage of the treat. And that will depend if a user's machine will be able to pass the requirements set by Microsoft for free update. According to CNet, any users with desktops bought within the last six year and running Windows 7 or later will cost nothing to upgrade while tablet users should at least be running on Windows Phone 8.1.

Can you still upgrade even if you are don't meet those requirements? 

The answer is yes, those requirements mentioned above are for free offering. If your device's technical specifications are supported by the Windows 10, you can still upgrade but with a fee this time. How much? $119 for Windows 10 Home and $190 for Windows 10 Pro. Now if you decide to upgrade from Home Edition to the Pro say for example the features you need are only found on the Pro version, a Windows 10 Pro Pack will cost you additional $99.

Reserve now and make sure you get the free update within a year.

Some Windows users are now receiving notifications about the update and offering reserve theirs. Microsoft is giving all users up to one year (from July 29) to get their free update. So if you already received the update notification on your device and you really want to go ahead and do it you can now reserve a copy of yours.

What to expect from Windows 10?

There are actually a lot of things that we can expect to see and experience with the newest Windows operating system. Microsoft made a lot of enhancements and implemented a whole lot new features to make users work more accurate, faster and more productive without compromising the consumers' privacy, time and effort.

Some of the biggest things I anticipate with the Windows 10 is activation of Cortana which Microsoft dubs "the world’s first truly personal digital assistant," the Microsoft Edge replacing the now-dead Internet Explorer browser that promised to be smarter and more user friendly than its predecessor, Windows Continuum, the resurrection of the Start button and so much more. You can check out the video below released by Microsoft highlighting some of the new functions the Windows 10 brings.

Windows Phone devices not included... yet.

You may have already read that the Windows 10 will make all Windows-powered devices work together under this new OS which includes PC, tablets, smartphones etc. However, this update coming July 29 is only for PC/desktops and tablets but not for smarphones yet, the Windows 10 Mobile companion OS will be released later this year according to Microsoft, that means Windows Mobile Phone users have to wait a little longer.  

Want to learn more?

You can see the source link below to learn more about this announcement or head over to this link to see on how you can reserve a copy of your Windows 10.

Source: Windows Blog
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