A Larger Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus in the Works?

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
 It looks like  Samsung is has not stopped yet when it officially unveiled the Iron Man Edition of the Galaxy S6 Edge last month, that if the rumor coming from different sources like from an Italian blog HDBlog.it and another site called SamMobile  are to be believed, that Samsung is going to release another Galaxy S6 Edge variant referred to as the Galaxy S6 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus seems to be an answer to iPhone 6 Plus' bigger display as the S6 Plus is reported to have a huge 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display. The current S6 and S6 Edge only sport 5.1-inch displays. According to the rumors Samsung will be announcing this new device "in the coming weeks" which means it will be a lot earlier than this year's IFA conference in Berlin that is scheduled to take place September where the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 is expected to be revealed.

Is there really a possibility that we are going to see a larger S6 Plus device in the very near future? I think the answer is yes, simply because Samsung is known for making different versions of their S Series smartphones and we can trace that history as far back as Galaxy S3. For example last year when Samsung released the Galaxy S5 in April, later that year or in October a Galaxy S5 Plus was also limitedly rolled out. Another reason that I can think of is that Samsung felt a more intense competition from Apple when they surprisingly released bigger-displayed iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

SamMobile says that this Galaxy S6 Plus device is internally, at Samsung, codenamed Project Zero 2 and will most likely feature the same curved display sides found on the S6 Edge with a main screen as big as 5.5inches, an S Pen functionality is also reportedly to be excluded from this unconfirmed device.

Since these are still unconfirmed and still categorized as rumors, let's take these reports with a grain of salt.

Source via: CNet
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