Record Your Mobile Game Using this Samsung Made App

Recording games while you play on PC and gaming consoles are very easy to do these days, thanks to a ton of tutorials on how to do it, but what if the games you want to record is on mobile? Well we can still find a good number of tutorials and apps online promising to help us do the job, however many of them require to have our smartphones rooted which a lot of us are either not comfortable doing it or have no idea at all how it's done. Now if you use a Samsung device, the Korean company created its own Android app to help us record our games right after installing it.

Samsung Electronics introduced the Game Recorder+ app and it is now available on Google Play. Many of us share our highest scores in a particular game we play to our social media accounts usually with a screenshot and admit it sometimes we want it more than just a picture of the score or achievement, sometimes we want to show to our friends over Facebook, Twitter or Instagram how we did it. That being said, the Game Recorder+ is the best option we have. If you are a game blogger and frequently records games for reviews,  walkthroughs and tutorials, this is also the best companion for you.

However there is a catch though, Since it is  Samsung made app, it is only available to Galaxy devices but not all are supported at the moment. Currently it works on the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Galaxy S5, Note 4, S4, Note 3, and Note 2 devices provided they have at least Android 4.1 OS.

The Game Recorder+ allows users to record the game they are playing and do a commentary which will also be recorded at the same time using your phone's microphone and front camera.

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