SKK Mobile Teases Upcoming "Korean Design and Technology" Smartphones

The local electronics company SKK Mobile is cooking up something with a taste of "Korean Design and Technology" as they post teaser images on their Facebook page with the captions "Ding Ding" and "You'll Hear from us Soon". See those photos below.

To be honest, I don't really know what this exactly means. It could be a partnership with a Korean designer or a Korean company/manufacturer to create new phones for the Filipino users, it could also mean a distribution collaboration with Korea-based electronics giant and bring their smartphones here in the Philippines via SKK Mobile. We don't know until SKK itselft formally announces what it is.

But according to our friends over at GeekyPinas, they think SKK Mobile is inking a partnership with Ding Ding Mobile to officially release their smartphones or devices here in the country where sales will be handled by SKK Mobile. 

Whatever that is, I think this is going to be exciting both for Pinoy users and the tech competition in the local market. I have already heard that some of Ding Ding Mobile smartphones are very attractive and competitive in terms of pricing and specs.

Source: SKK Mobile

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