Smart Postpaid Plan 250 Gives Users Unlimited Text to All Networks, Calls and Internet Access

Most of the smartphones that are coming out today especially the mid-ranger ones and below are sporting dual-SIM support. That being said it results to most of our friends having more than one cellular connectivity so that most of them or us can take advantage and enjoy text, call and internet promotions of either Smart or Globe or both.

Now for subscribers who only use one SIM card, many of them if not most are usually not subscribed to a promo where unli text to other networks are supported and if that happens to be the case, it's not unlimited at all. I was just searching the internet to see if there are new text promos from Globe or Smart that offer unlimited texting to all networks, and I was not disappointed to just find the right thing I was hoping to see.  It's a Smart Postpaid Plan 250.

Of course there are prepaid promos for the same price that also offer the same unlimited texting service to all major networks, however some of them have expiry date and then being replaced by another after another that sometimes makes them hard to follow and track their promo period. But with a postpaid plan, just pay the monthly bill and enjoy texting. No need to keep track of expiration date, and no need to re-register month after month or every after the promo subscription is expired.

With this particular postpaid plan 250, users get the following per month.

- Unlimited SMS to all networks (Smart, Talk N Text, Sun, Globe, TM etc)
- 180 minutes of calls to SMART, SUN & Talk ‘N Text
- 100MB worth of mobile surfing

It's a SIM-only plan and has a lock-in period of just six months. To apply, simply visit any Smart wireless center and present a valid ID with address and pay an advanced monthly service fee of Php250.

This is the super budget friendly postpaid plan I can think of. Unli text, 100MB of data for internet use or for social media  access like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram plus 180 minutes of call to  Smart, Sun and TNT numbers.

Source: Smart Inc


  1. meron pa po ba nito ngayon? gusto ko sana e. :)

  2. Walaa po bang unlitxt to allnet plus unlicall to sun, smart, tnt for 30 days?