Type-C USB Cable Photos for OnePlus Two Smartphone Leaked

A couple of days ago OnePlus confirmed that their upcoming OnePlus Two smartphone will implement the use of Type-C USB connector, then today, via MyDrivers.com a couple of photos were posted showing the alleged Type-C USB cable in multiple angles giving us a first look of how the new type of USB will exactly look like.

If this is real, which most likely it is, the USB cable looks very nice. And if OnePlus announces the O+ One sequel later this year with this promised type of adapter, then it's not that far away to see other big names in the industry to follow suit and release their own version of it on their devices.

One of the nice things about Type-C USBs is that users don't need to mind about its orientation when used and both sides will go through any USB ports and will work for either charging or transfer files, which is very convenient if we compare it to today's USBs we have around. 

Source: MyDrivers
Via: Phandroid

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