Behold! Angry Birds 2 is Coming

Since the very first Angry Birds mobile game hit the apps stores on iTunes and Google Play, a lot of things have already happened. It has become one of the biggest mobile game franchises in the era of smart devices. It was actually an unexpected success that led to the release of multiple spin-off versions ranging from famous movies to science physics and a lot more. After those so many releases and versions, who would have thought that we were still to see the official Angry Birds 2?

That's absolutely right! Rovio, the Finland-based creator of the popular Angry Birds series of the mobile games for Android and iOS devices, has surprisingly confirmed through their website that the Angry Birds 2 will be coming this July 30, 2015. 

Although the exact details surrounding the gameplay of the next installment is still kept in private, I am assuming that Rovio might be going back to its original roots when the game was released about 6 years ago where players will use a slingshot to destroy the piggies fortress and buildings, of course will the additions of new features that we will only know once the game itself is released at the end of the month. I based my assumptions on the official name and photo above, or it could be a complete new world and mechanics. However, Rovio promised this new birds-vs-pigs game to be "Bigger, Badder and Birdier", so I'll watch out for that. 

It's also not clear if the Angry Birds 2 will simultaneously be released across all platforms like iOS and Android including the Windows Phone. All will be revealed on July 30 release date. Hopefully all at the same time, no more waiting for some users and fans.
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