Ding Ding Iron 1 Sporting Super Tough Screen is Coming to the Philippines

SKK Mobile has officially announced that they are bringing another beast of a smartphone from Ding Ding Technology's portfolio bearing the description words like SMART, ELEGANT and TOUGH. Teased and unveiled on SKK's Facebook page, Ding Ding Iron 1's full specs and pricing will very soon be released.

Photos have already been posted on the FB page so we already know how the Iron 1 is going to look like. And yes it's a beautiful and strong one. And to fire up excitement about this smartphone, SKK Mobile posted a video doing an extreme stress test on the Iron 1. Watch it below.

Iron 1 Stress Test
Smashed, dropped, hammered ..... name it! Nothing beats the durability of Iron 1. Watch the video to believe!#DingDing #Iron1
Posted by Skk Mobile Phone on Friday, July 17, 2015

As what you have seen in the clip above, the Iron 1 smartphone took some beating and some intense screen test without the the screen and functionality being destroyed even a bit. Used the screen as a nut cracker, as a hammer on some nails and pressed against a handheld drilling machine, still survived. Take note, this is just an entry level in the whole Iron Series of devices from Ding Ding Technology.

Although SKK Mobile said, specs and pricing are soon to be released. I was pretty sure this device is already out in some markets and for sure specs are easily found online so I made some research to see what other details we can get about this little beast here and below are the specs I was able to gather.

Ding Ding Mobile Iron 1 specs:

- 4.5" FWVGA display
- 854 x 480 resolution
- Corning Gorilla Glass 3
- 8GB internal storage
- Supports microSD card up to 32GB
- 8MP rear camera with autofocus and LED flash
- 2MP front camera with LED flash
- Android 4.4 Kitkat
- WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS
- 3G
- Dual SIM
- 1,650mAh battery

Based on the specs above, I am guessing that SKK Mobile is going to price this device no more than Php5k.

If you are a type of user who's lifestyle is very active, always does outdoor activities and on a tigh budget looking for a very rugged device, this Iron 1 smartphone should be on your list. Very tough and durable. I hope to get my hands on this machine and write a full review.

Source: SKK Mobile

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