Three Ways to Access Free Facebook on Globe Network

Mobile communications giant Globe Telecom has just recently revealed at an event that there are actually three ways to completely access Faceboook social site without causing users to be charged extra data fees. Globe is one of the pioneering telco companies that provides free access to Facebook which is currently the biggest social media site in the world. Between March 2014 and March of 2015, the company has seen explosion of active Pinoy users on Facebook and they talked "millions" in terms of user increase between those months.

Up until today, Globe is still committed to give all their prepaid and postpaid users, including TM subscribers and even to those who will switch network more ways to enjoy accessing the Facebook without incurring additional fees. At the event held yesterday, they revealed a "complete suite of free Facebook experience" and those are via in-app feature, buying new TM SIM card and via subscribing to any GoSurf data plans.

"As more customers are embracing the digital lifestyle, we want to provide Filipinos more ways to access Facebook with free data and connect them to the rest of the world," said Dan Horan, Senior Vice Advisor for Consumer Business from Globe Telecom.  
1. In-App Feature:

Users will first need to get the latest version of the Facebook app for Android or simply updating their existing FB app on their mobile phones. Once updated, they will see a newly-added switch button sitting on the top part of the app. This will allow them to switch between free and paid/full version of the Facebook application. To have access to the zero-rated and lightweight version of Facebook, they have to select the "free" mode and everytime they click on a link, photo or video that will leave Facebook app, a notification will pop up informing them that data fees will apply if they proceed.

This free version of Facebook don't show images and video streaming is not activated. If they want to switch back to the full version of the Facebook app the one with photos and videos showing up on the newsfeed, they will need to switch to the paid version or simply full version. Either data fees will be charged when using cellular connection or an available WiFi connectivity will be used.

2. Buy a TM SIM card:

The other way is by purchasing a new TM Choose-Your-Number SIM. Apart from a nice feature of being able to select subscribers' desired mobile number, they will also be able to take advantage of free Facebook access which is the full version with photos and videos for seven days. Simply maintain Php1.00 regular balance. Users need to send first BONUS FB to 8888.

3. Subscribe to any GoSurf data plan:

Last but not least is by subscribing to any available GoSurf data plans. This one has been made public a couple of days ago via post made by Globe itself on their website. Once consumers are successfully registered to a GoSurf plan, free and full version of Facebook access will automatically be activated and the duration be the same as the GoSurf users subscribed to.

For postpaid users, no need to make any purchases or subscriptions just simply opt-in to free Facebook access by texting FREE FB ON to 8888.

To learn more information send FREE FB to 8888, to inquire about the promo send FREE FB HELP to 8888 and to check the status text FREE FB STATUS to 8888.

Users will know they are using the Facebook app for free when they see "Facebook with Free Data" or something similar on the upper part of the app when launched.

Source: Globe Telecom

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