Prestigio Smartphones Arrive in the Philippines

There is a new electronics player that just arrived in town, they are called Prestigio. Are you familiar with them and with their products? The photo above was posted on their official Instagram account featuring the Prestigio Multiphone Series of devices with pricing starting at Php8,799.

This new company was spotted by our friends over at GeekyPinas tech blog. Based on the company's social media account looks like they do not have a physical store yet in the Philippines nor a dedicated website of their own but their products are already in the country via Lazada PH online store through this page as stated on their instagram account.

There are very little information known about this new smartphone company aside from what's on the internet for their Philippine branch, so hopefully they will soon hold an official launch event in the country and tell more about them and the smartphones and other devices they plan to release in the country.

Upon checking the Lazada page above, they have multiple models already listed for price tags of less than Php10k. Most of their smartphones are running on Android platform while the Multiphone 8500 Duo is on Windows Phone 8.1 OS.

Through #ExperienceRefinement hashtag or campaign every purchase comes with FREE 200GB Cloud storage, savings of over PhP 4000 in Prestigio's Multistore, their very own app store and Prestigio's own e-book store. That's according to what is listed on the Lazda site down the description page of every Prestigo devices.

Source: Prestigio
Via: GeekyPinas

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