SKK Mobile Teases Android Lollipop is Coming

SKK Mobile is cooking up some sweet treats for all their current and future followers, Android Lollipop OS is coming. A couple of hours ago, SKK posted a teaser photo on their Facebook page showing some smartphone frames with Lollipop and SKK Mobile branding. See image above.

As of writing there are no other clear details that have been released by SKK Mobile through their social media account other than what is shown in the image above. Also I just don't know yet if this "Lollipop" is a new series of smartphones running Android 5 Lollipop right out of the box or it includes Android Lollipop update for the the previous and current SKK Mobile phones in the wild.

Most likely, it is for new and upcoming smartphones from SKK Mobile. But of course we are still hoping for Lollipop upgrade right? Who does not want that? I will follow this teasers in the coming days and weeks and update you guys as soon as I spotted any especially about these new breed of phones from SKK Mobile.

Luxury as affordable as a Lollipop... soon. Hmmm... This sounds interesting isn't it?

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