Smart Communications Launches TechnoCart for Kindergarten Schools

Smart Communications is leading the way to provide more educational tools and resources to all Filipino students electronically, meet the TechnoCart an innovative mobile digital laboratory project designed to facilitate formative learning among kindergarten pupils with the use of mobile devices and applications.

Each of these TechnoCarts will contain the following instruments and gadgets that both will be helpful for and provided to students and teachers.

- 25 tablets for students (Pre-installed with Batibot mobile app, system exclusive which is aligned with the curriculum)
- A tablet, laptop and projector for teachers
- Loaded SmartBro Pocket WiFi for internet connectivity
- A Smart One Campus, a platform used to monitor students performance

The Batibot mobile app, is only created for this project and is developed with COLF and startup partner OrangeFix, the mobile app makes available educational content from the TV show into the mobile device for mobility and accessibility. Just like the TV show, the Batibot app is also in Filipino.

Teachers will be given training on the tablet basics, curriculum and child development to make sure that the TechnoCart will be utilized to its full potential. The training will be provided via partnership with Community of Learners Foundation (COLF). 

“Smart believes that digital technologies can help facilitate learning opportunities from pre-school up to college, which is why it has tailored initiatives that are targeted to address the needs of learning communities. The Smart TechnoCart is a mobile laboratory designed to address the need of young students for interactive and engaging learning tools to help them better grasp basic concepts. It does make for smarter learning.” said Ramon R. Isberto, head of Public Affairs at Smart.

To introduce the initiative, Smart chose 15 public kindergarten schools that have been identified by the Department of Education School Divisions as initial beneficiaries:

1. Batu-Batu Central Elementary School (Tawi-Tawi)
2. Datu Halun Laboratory Elementary School (Tawi-Tawi)
3. Yusop Dais Elementary School from (Tawi-Tawi)
4. Calasiao Central School (Pangasinan)
5. Mangatarem Central School (Pangasinan)
6. Bacacay East Central School (Albay)
7. Polangui South Central School (Albay)
8. Maluso Central Elementary School (Basilan)
9. Tipo-Tipo Central Elementary School (Basilan)
10. Antonio L. Jayme Elementary School (Bacolod)
11. Education and Training Center School II (Bacolod)
12. Rodolfo A. Medel Sr. Elementary School (Bacolod)
13. Banilad Elementary School (Cebu)
14. Regino Mercado Elementary School (Cebu)
15. ParaƱaque Central Elementary School (Metro Manila)

The Smart TechnoCart project is a product of the company’s years of experience in working with educators for the use of wireless technologies. Smart started its education geared community programs way back in 2004.

Source: Smart Inc

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