WSI Updates Davaoenos on the Latest IT Products from Well Known Brands

Wordtext Systems Inc or WSI for short holds seminar in different cities in the Philippines once a year to update local private and public companies about the latest updates on technology has to offer especially in the IT segment. Among business owners, managers and IT personnel, DugomPinoy was one of the invited audience to this small yet helpful and fresh knowledge-packed seminar they held on July 10, 2015 at the Grand Men Seng Hotel in Davao City.

WSI is one of the leading IT products distributors in the Philippines with main offices located in three major cities in the Philippines, Makati, Cebu and Davao. They are a supplier to a large number of resellers all over the country. Many of the products they do offer are office and IT related ones which range from printers, software management tools, high-powered desktops and workstations, LFDs or large format displays up to system protection software and hardware devices.

What brands does WSI sell? There are a lot to be named both known and not-so-popular names to average consumers, from starting to already-established business products and services. They said, they carry over 30 best brands since 1982. At the event, a couple of series of products and updates were discussed and presented by subject experts from WSI, and those are from Samsung, HP, Huawei and Microsoft.

Some of the things I learned from this seminar is that smartphones and smartTVs are not the only products that get smarter every year, even printers and security system tools are more sophisticated now than the last time I checked. For example, Samsung has this printing app called Samsung Mobile Print App which does a lot of helpful things related to managing documents and getting them printed out. From scanning, to file transferring and to printing are effortlessly done with this app, it is NFC-enabled app so with just a tap your files are printed by an NFC-capable and wireless printer which also happens to be offered by Samsung.

For printers, Samsung-expert staff from WSI discussed more of about the software side of their MFPs or Multi-Function Printers. The Fleet Management Solution for example can constantly monitor up to 1000 connected machines for any malfunctions and technical errors these devices may encounter. With this tool, an admin will be able to identify underlying problem on a printer even before an IT expert gets to where the machine is located and fix the problem. Alerts and notifications for devices' errors and problems are some of its newest features that are very helpful.  Then there is this Job Accounting Solution where its main purpose is to manage all networked MFPs, like setting up a limit of prints a particular machine can do within a set period of time and many others.

HP products that were presented were for software and desktops but they focused more on the latest HP Z Workstations and Thin Clients and some discussion about the HP laptops. A pre-sale engineer for HP at WSI informed us the difference between a workstation and a normal desktop computer. To be honest I didn't know workstation computers exist apart from the well known desktop ones. But to make it short, Workstations are more advanced and more powerful computers than a normal PC although they look very similar in physical components, customized for heavy content-creation requirements, that includes high-end technical specs and functions. Workstations are also designed to run for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year without stop compared to normal computers, you know.

Huawei brand was also part of the presentation and a representative named John or JL took the stage to talk about the latest and possibly future trends on cloud-based storage services and consumption and then proceeded to educate attendees about Huawei's Fusion Cloud products what it does, its features and why this is helpful for companies big and small.

Steve Ang from HP also had his chance to discuss about HP's large format printers. Why they came up with the idea of making more useful, more compact and more accessible even when you are on the go. This large format printers are smart enough to be able to connect to the internet via WiFi and have its own email address. Accessibility anytime and anywhere is one of its features. For example you are at a construction site and you needed to print a very large-sized file but you are away from the printer, you simply send the file to the email assigned to the printer and it will automatically print the file for you. Plus the printers are now designed for easier navigation, Steve said that for their large format printers they can guarantee that anybody can operate the machine while sitting, unlike the previous models were buttons, switches and paperplates were everywhere the machine.

And then we had someone expert on Intel Security products discussed new features, functionality and supports an Intel Security can offer and do. Formerly known McAfee anti-virus software, Intel Security has actually a lot to offer than just the antivirus functionality we know both are for personal level all the way up to enterprise sized companies.

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