The New Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 2 is Now in the Philippines

Converse Inc has recently announced, after almost 100 years, a new version of Chuck Taylor All Star chucks. That's right, almost a century since the very first one debuted has now got a sequel. The all new Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 2 has reached the Philippine shoe shelves.

“The Chuck Taylor All Star is one of the most legendary and iconic sneakers of all time,” said Jim Calhoun, Converse President and CEO. “The launch of Chuck II is a ground-breaking moment for Converse as we continue to move the brand forward through creativity and innovation, ushering in not just a new sneaker, but a completely new way of thinking.”

The most well-known and well-loved sneakers sport the same recognizable and iconic outside design, the updates were mostly made inside of it. See the quick video clip below highlighting what's new on the Chuck II.

According to When in Manila, the suggested retail price is Php3,990 and available in Black, White, Red and Blue.

For more information you can visit Converse Philippines Facebook page.

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