Gigabyte Philippines Holds Product Launch Party in Davao City

Last night, together with Davao-based gamers, I was at the Royal Mandaya Hotel and attended Gigabyte Philippines Product Launch Party event for their new and upcoming 100 series of motherboards which are based on Intel Z170 chipset. At the venue, Gigabyte displayed some of the newest mobos they are to offer in the country in the coming weeks.

Gigabyte Philippines through the help of the company's Product Manager Mr. Hunter introduced us not just the new motherboards but also more about the company itself, why they are the number one company in recent years and also some stories and reasons behind their new Z170 motherboards.

Some of the major things we learned about these new motherboards is that they all support the latest Intel's 6th generation Core processor. They also still support DDR4 and the newest and trending type of reversible USB connector, the Intel USB 3.1 Type C ports have now arrived with these Z170 boards. This USB controller uses four PCIe gen 3 lanes to offer a total bandwidth 32 GB/s, for an uncompromised data transfer speed of up to 10GB/s.

Another thing I like about these 100 series motherboards is the implementation of PCIe One Piece Metal Shield as it provides additional super strength against heavy and big graphics cards. You can learn more about these new technologies on Gigabyte Philippines website here.

Gatherings like this is not complete without food which was also provided by Gigabyte Philippine via the Royal Mandaya Hotel. It was a night full of not just cool information but also of fun, and most of all freebies and stuff that were raffled off during the entire event. I was lucky to take home one of the Gigabyte shirts. See the photos below.

There was also a grand winner who took home a Gigabyte Z170-HD3 DDR3 motherboard, unfortunately I was missing in action to take a photo of him. : )

Everyone had the chance to take a personal and closer look at the new 100 Series Motherboards on display.

DugomPinoy would like to thank Gigabyte Philippines for this wonderful night of get together. We look forward to more events and gatherings like this in the future here in Davao City. Also thanks to Davao Geek Hub for the heads-up.

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