Pre-Order Now Your Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus from Globe Telecom

I knew it was coming this fast, Smart has already put up a pre-order registration site almost a day after local launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+, then a couple of days after that, Globe Telecom just made their pre-order registration site for the devices online.

Just like the one from Smart, Globe does not specify yet which color and which storage variant they will be offering yet. When users register, they will only see two options and that's either the Note 5 or the S6 Edge+ then other contact details have to be provided.

If we take a queue from the official local pricing of these devices, it looks like we will only get a 32GB version of the Note 5 and 32GB and 64GB variants for the S6 Edge+ phablets. But we are not sure yet if are also to get or not the 64GB Note 5, I hope we do.

Going back to Globe, if you want to register now and be the first to get the latest phablet from Samsung, you may go head to this site and sign up.

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