Goodbye Square Photos, Instagram Now Supports Landscape and Portrait Image Formats

Well not exactly goodbye square photos on Instagram as the Facebook-owned company will still keep this format around for those who still feel like using it in their future posts. Instagram announced in a recent blog post that apart from the square format we enjoyed and hated over the course of our stay on this most popular photo sharing app, they are adding more sizes to the shelves that most of us will definitely like or love, the landscape and portrait formats for photos and videos.

Until today all Instagram users are forced to post videos and images in square shape, which many of them find it not that helpful especially if the video and image posts are in other formats such as landscape, users are forced to crop images to square (unless they use third party apps like Instasize or Instamag) living so many amazing stories and details out of the picture. But with this new update, I am pretty sure I a m not the only who feels so great about it.

To get this new update and start posting videos and images in these latest formats all you have to do is update your Instagram iOS or Android app to version 7.5 by simply going to your respective app stores.

Source: Instagram

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