I was at the Open Access BPO Davao Launch

Yesterday August 11, 2015 the international contact center company Open Access BPO has officially launched their Davao City site. This is the company's third site, it followed the other recently-launched Taipei, Taiwan site and then the first office is located at the heart of Makati City. It's a very good news for the people of Davao especially those who have been in the industry and are looking for a new company to grow their career at, and of course for those new graduates that want to try to land a job in this well paying industry.

Open Access BPO was founded in 2006 in California USA by Ben Davidowitz and Henry Chang. As of writing the company employs more than 500 professionals across the globe and it continues to grow as the company expands business locations and adds more clients from different nations. It was also recently unveiled that the company just included eight more languages to their customer solutions portfolio and those are Swedish, Polish, Hebrew, Greek, Hungarian, Russian, Norwegian and Danish. Open Access BPO now delivers multilingual solutions in 25 different languages worldwide.

This boutique styled firm specializes in multilingual content moderation and customer support for businesses worldwide from across many industries, including technology and internet-based sectors.

The Davao office launch was attended by members of the media and members of Davao Bloggers Society in which I am part of and most of all, the attendance was not complete without the founders of Open Access BPO Mr. Ben Davidowitz and Henry Chang who were joined with some folks and their clients from abroad. First part of the event was a lunch meeting and get together at Huckleberry Southern Kitchen and Bar where the food and drinks are superb. At this place we were able to meet these people, some team members from the Makati site and of course people who will be part of the Davao team.

One of the first questions that was asked was Why Davao? Why not Cebu or other parts of Luzon especially Manila where most call center companies are located? Why go down here in the south? The answer was directly provided by CEO himself Mr. Davidowitz and he said...

“The reasons for expansion are threefold. First is that the cost of doing business in Davao is a lot less, about 20 to 30 percent less than in Manila, savings which we can pass onto our clients. The second reason is for redundancy purposes. Having two different locations for customer support creates an extra blanket of security. Another reason for going to Davao is that it's the safest city in the country.”
Open Access BPO even provided us this infographic which shows why Davao is now one of the go-to places for international firms like BPOs.

Before the lunch time was over, we had opportunities to ask these amazing Open Access BPO people some questions related to their company and decision to expand here in Davao. All of them were more than happy to explain there reasons and provide more insights as to why they chose Davao.

Now as a call center representative myself and is already in the industry for several years now, one of the first questions that usually pop-up our mind is how much is the pay going to be? At the event they of course could not provide the exact amount, as this is one of the confidential details that's usually disclosed with employees and new hires, but they said that they are confident enough that they offer above minimum wage plus additional allowances and performance-based incentives, and that they think they offer bigger salaries than many other call centers in the city. Also, Open Access team added that it's not just about salary and bonuses, what they also offer on top of that for their future employees are more "humanistic environment for each other and less stress workplace for everyone" as possible and career growth assurance. They also do not want to just establish a simple company-employee relationship kind of ambiance but more of a "family" of solution providers at the Open Access BPO.

After the event at Huckleberry we headed to the site location at Filandia IT Center (near Sutherland) at Quirino Ext corner Jacinto Street, where a job fair/soft hiring was taking place. At the Filandia IT Center the rest of the launch was concluded with the ribbon cutting ceremony and the official opening of the Open Access BPO Davao site.

I was told that the management currently plans to start full operations sometime next month. This facility will house both voice and non-voice accounts and based on what I understand, the first batch of accounts they will handle are non-voice or what they call 'content moderation". What's more is that, they guarantee that many of the positions available will be offered day shift schedules, which is nice. I know Backoffice accounts with AM shifts are one of the most sought-after type of accounts across the country, so having one is already a plus being part of the ever growing outsourcing business in the Philippines.

Below are some of the pictures I managed to take during the entire event. Feel free to look at them and if you have questions you can always use the comments section below.

Open Access BPO Co-Founder and President Mr. Henry Chang giving opening remarks
The CEO Mr. Ben Davidowitz introducing the company and why they chose the beautiful city of Davao

The Question and Answer Portion

First photo I took upon landing at the site

Applicants being called out for interviews

Open Access BPO people made sure the whole job fair was a success

We were surprised by a flash mob dance number, pati sila pareng guard damay!

And here is the operations floor, all brand new and fresh. Sarap buenamanuhan! : )

If you have already noticed, yes you are right, every station has dual monitors, something we don't usually see in a BPO operations floor.

DugomPinoy in the house yow! 

Mac computers at the lobby, during this event I was told these PCs are used for on-site application process.

And yes I won an Asus ZenFone 2, one of the three. Lucky na swerte pa! 

For more information and future updates from Open Access BPO company you may follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @OpenAccessBPO or visit the Open Access BPO website here.

Ribbon Cutting Image Source: Tech Savvy Chic
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