IPC Releases Cloud Service Bundle for Startups and SMEs

Local cloud computing and data service firm IPC (IP Converge Data Services, Inc) recently launched a cloud service bundle specifically created for startups and small-to-medium enterprises. This special program includes software-as-a-service (SaaS) products from IPC's portfolio that enable businesses to streamline operations and effectively go to market faster, namely, Google Apps for Work online productivity and collaboration tools and local timekeeping and and payroll management application IPC Paycheck. The two products may also be coupled with dedicated internet access for enterprises, and the program is available until December 2015.

"This is the age of the startup," says IPC President Reynaldo R. Huergas. "More and more entrepreneurs are getting their ideas off the ground and IPC is here to help them realize their dreams faster. This special workplace productivity bundle allows startups and SMEs to utilize relevant cloud applications and high quality connectivity at a fraction of the cost it usually entails to deliver such services."

Huergas further shared that availing of the bundle presents customers with savings of up to 20%, versus subscribing to the services and apps separately. The program also provides a single contract, contract and billing for all services, creating a seamless, hassle-free adoption of all the cloud computing tools.

The bundles come in three packages. Entrepreneurs can pair Google Apps for Work licenses with either IPC PayCheck or IPC's Global Internet Access or subscribe to all services at once.

Google Apps for Work is a set of cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools that helps team members collaborate and get things done from anywhere, on virtually any devices. The suite includes easy-to-use apps for emails, calendars, video conferencing, chat, document sharing and online storage. With Google for Work companies have their own domain as opposed to @gmail.com which is used in the free version. In addition, administrators are also able to assign access rights to users and manage all facets of the account via internet.

IPC PayCheck is a cloud-based timekeeping and payroll application that provides employees with access to timekeeping functionalities and services such as leave and overtime management, as well as pertinent employment information, 24/7 on any mobile device connected to the internet. The administrator provides HR managers with a single view of relevant, real-time reports through a built-in dashboard that's also accessible on mobile.

IPC's Global Internet Access (GIA) service provides customers with high capacity internet connectivity through a robust, diversely-routed IP backbone network. Because IPC is peered and partnered with all domestic and major regional telecommunications carriers, GIA users experience highly resilient internet bandwidth services that is ideal for utilizing Google Apps for Work and IPC PAyCheck.

The program includes an annual payment scheme and requires a subscription of at least 10 licenses for Google Apps for Work and PayCheck or 1 Mbps for Global Internet Access. Packages do not include professional deployment services nor local loop or leased line subscription.

"Startups and SMEs today appreciate how cloud computing can help streamline their processes and improve productivity. However, the initial capital outlay needed for a complete suite of tools often pose as a challenge. IPC is changing that through the bundle program and other pricing models. Our goal is to help these businesses go to market sooner and experience profitability faster," Huergas explained.

Information on the tools included in the Google Bundle Program is available at ipc.ph/solutions/   Interested parties may call +63 2 848 8700 or email at salesteam@ipc.ph.

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