I Tried an Oculus Rift and I Liked it

From August 18-21, Davao city held a Livelihood Exchange (LIVEX 2015) conference at SM Lanang Premier's SMX Convention Center. There were so much companies and its respective managers and CEOs joined the four-day event and one of those was the company called Oxior Inc, an ICT-BPO consulting firm based in Cebu and they were there for a treat to many geeks and gadget lovers of Davao City, a public demo of a virtual reality gadget called Oculus Rift. Many of you have most likely at least heard what a virtual reality and Oculus Rift are. It is one of my wanna-buys gadgets in my list and since that it was here and could be tried fro no cost, I took the opportunity to experience this amazing.

When I got there, as I was expecting, a lot of DavaoeƱos were lining up and wanted to give a try. Mostly were the same age of mine and some few older peeps. Based on what I was already seeing while in the line, I knew that it was going to be an amazing experience. At Enchanted Kingdom, I have experienced the Rialto and other 4D-like screening attractions and that is the closest thing I could compare the VR to, I even thought that the experience and feel would be the same, but I was wrong.

Before I had the chance to have my try, the person I was following in line who was already had the gadgets on was interrupted in the middle of the demo due to power outage and I was scared I wouldn't be able to have my turn as I have waited more than an hour. But thankfully after a few minutes the power came back on and I was the only one left at the station as others behind me already gave up and went away.

So the demo unit had two videos we could try, one was a roller coaster ride and another which was horror-themed one. of course I tried the roller coaster than the other one after I saw the reactions of people who tried it before me. Like what I mentioned above, before the video played, I was thinking the experience would just be the same as the one in Rialto, but I was wrong it's more than that. I was just standing, there were chairs available but I chose to just stand and see if the VR would have an impact on my orientation even if the floor does not move. You know in Rialto, the seats are moving and is aligned to what is shown in the screen so you get more reality of the video, but the VR I tried was just the headgear.

When I started to go through the loops and curves, in the VR, the people around me needed to stand beside me and assist me in case I fall. And that's exactly what I felt, it's like my brain and entire body were tricked by the Oculus Rift that what I see is actually real making my entire system automatically adapt to it and adjust my balance according to the loops. If you have tried the Space Shuttle, again at Enchanted Kingdom, the feeling is almost the same minus the wind coming straight to your face.

In other words, it was so immersive and felt so real even if the quality of the video in the demo was so 90s. What more if those resolution and cinematography is upgraded to most hign-end games we see around and I believe that is already coming, it would be so addicting and so epic, I think.

If you know a nearest free VR demo session in your location, I suggest you try it and experience it yourself to get more sense of what I am talking about here. If you have already tried it, I guess you get what I mean in terms of how immersive that gadget it.

Did you know you can also make your own virtual reality headset via Google Cardboard?

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