SKK Mobile Iron 2 is Coming to the Philippines

As if the Iron 1 is not enough for us which just got officially released in stores nationwide as SKK Mobile is also bringing in the next in the series, the Iron 2 from Ding Ding Technology. If you have not heard yet about the Iron 1 smartphone, you may check it here see the specs, pricing and the brutal stress test video showing you why the Iron 1 is the toughest.

SKK Mobile just posted teasers on their Facebook page about this second member of the Iron Series of smartphones. Along with the photo above, the local tech company also posted a teaser clip for the Iron 2 showing the device being dropped to the floor from a user's pocket. This clip hints that a stress test video is also coming before this Iron 2 device is officially released for public. See it below.

Ding Ding Iron 2 Casual Drop
You have nothing to worry when your phone dropped on the floor with Ding Ding Iron 2! Because Iron 2 is made of strong frame material
Posted by Ding Ding Technology Philippines on Thursday, August 6, 2015

Aside from the teasers from SKK Mobile, nothing else was revealed like the specs, pricing and availability. Good thing is, there are other websites that already have access to the phone which means, some specs have been revealed by them and their versions of test videos are already online, like the one below which shows the phone being used to crack walnuts.

I just decided not to post the specs of the Iron 2 found on other websites as I am sure that we will get slightly different set of specs for the same device when it gets here, the same thing happened with the first Iron device. I will just make another post once SKK Mobile reveals those information we need.

And of course the image above from SKK Mobile is also teasing us that there is another one to be released soon and if the naming is to be followed, the third member of the family is the Iron 3 which looks to be the most badass one.

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