Smart Launches Batibot Android App for Kindergarten

A couple of months ago, Smart Communications Inc launched the TechnoCart for Kindergarten program at some select public schools in the country. Learning tools and gadgets were part of this cart and one of those were android tablets pre-installed with a learning app called "Batibot", yes the same Batibot TV show we grew up with in the 90s. During launch the Batibot app was only exclusive to these particular tablets. Today, Smart Inc is releasing that app to the public for everyone to use who have kindergarten up to grade 3 students.

The Batibot app is exclusively developed by Smart in partnership with the Community of Learners Foundation (COLF) and startup partner OrangeFix. Right now the app is already available on Google Play to download on any Android-power smart devices, iOS users will also soon have their own version on iTunes Smart assured.

“It’s (Batibot app) available now on Google play. Hopefully this year, our target is this will be available through IOS, Apple,” Smart senior manager for education Stephanie Orlino said.

The Batibot TV show first aired in 1984 and since then a lot of young kids back then until in the 90s grew up loving this educational TV and became super familiar with the characters like Ate Sheena and Kuya Bodjie, the duo Kiko Matsing and Pong Pagong and even sisters Ningning and Gingging, and who would forget Sitsiritsit the alien, Kapitan Bilang and Manang Bola? All those characters became a part of our life growing up, that's something new and future generations will never understand. And I think that's one of the goals here apart from providing younger generations fun and intertactive ways to learn is also to extend the reach of the Batibot effect.
“All those years, Batibot had been a trusted partner of parents who are their children’s first teachers-from infancy through the early childhood years. Now that the kindergarten program is a national program of the public school system, we would like to continue this tradition of supporting children as they begin their journey in schools and, we hope, as lifelong learners," COLF Director Feny De Los Angeles said.
The Batibot app for android is now available for download from Google Play and you can get it from here.

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