Smart Upgrades Big Bytes 50 Data Plan Offering with the Same Price Tag

For many Smart subscribers like myself, many of us already now that Big Bytes 50 data plan has been around for quite some time now which has already been offering value-for-money services. Now there's an even more good news about that same prepaid data plan we know and love. Smart is adding more services and data allowance to it, and what's great is the price stays the same.

As a smartphone user and always on the go, I always see myself most of the time using my phone to get connected to the internet to keep myself updated with what's going on in the online world with my friends, with what's happening in the country, catch up with my favorite TV shows and even play online-based games you know Clash of Clans. While away from home, I either rely on available WiFi connections anywhere. Sometimes, WiFi is just not available or just too slow to death, when this happens it's better to subscribe to prepaid data plan with cheaper price and great services, and this is the scenario where Smart's Big Bytes 50 would like to come in and rescue us from frustration.

Smart Communications Inc recently modified their existing Big Bytes 50 offering with more data allocation and services for the same asking price. Smart subscribers can now enjoy up to 350MB worth of data that can be used for any online activities like accessing social media accounts and post, like and comment on updates, browse their favorite blogs and sites and many others, up to 350MB. On top of that upfront 350MB allowance, there is also another 600MB free data for movie and music streaming via iFlix, Fox and Spinnr.

I am also an iFlix subscriber, so this particular BigByte50 offering is just best the for me so I can continue watching my favorite movies and TV series on my smartphone wherever I go and anytime I want. If you are into sports and does not want to miss any playoffs and updates, this is also another service that you must have on your phone due to enabled access to Fox and of course music listening activities with Spinnr. Only for Php50 good for three days. Also available for postpaid users.

There are two ways to register, you either you dial *121# or text BIG50 to 9999.

Apart from the BigBytes50, other plans are also being offered from as low as BigBytes5 to as high as BigBytes799. See full list via source link below.

Source: Smart Inc

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