Smart BigBytes 50 vs Globe GoSurf 50

Smart just updated their BigBytes 50 data offering by adding more data allowance and even adding more free data for access to specific online services without adding more cost to the consumers. For the same Php50 fee, users will now get 350MB data allocation plus free 600MB for Fox, iFlix and Spinnr access all good for three days. Similarly, Globe has also been offering almost the same data plan for all their subscribers for the same price and validity period, the GoSurf 50. Now let's take a quick look at these two data plans from two telecommunications giants in the Philippines and see which one offers more value for our money.

Below is a simple comparison I gathered between Smart BigBytes50 and Globe GoSurf 50.

As we can see above in terms of amount of data included (not excluding the free one), Smart offers more than the other and even if we include the free MBs Smart still leads the way. However, even though Globe offers lesser amount of data, the GoSurf has free and full access to Facebook and Messenger app (with pictures and videos in the news feed). If you are on Facebook most of the time, then GoSurf is the place to be. But I think that 50MB more from Smart should be able to cover FB access for three days, which makes BigBytes and GoSurf equal. To give you a quick reference I check my Facebook and Messenger apps on data connection almost every other several minutes all throughout the day and I consume about 15-20MB/day. When I get home I use WiFi.

Data allocation and free Facebook and Messengers make BigBytes and GoSurf on par with each other. Now if we take a look at the Free section of the offering, things are a bit different and this will either be beneficial to you or not based on your lifestyle with your smartphone. If you are a music person, both will cover you with Spotify and Spinnr as well as TV and Movie geeks with Hooq and iFlix. Fox and Games are the only difference I can spot with these two Php50 data plans. With Smart you can access Fox without incurring extra charges provided that you are registered to the BigBytes 50 and within the free MB, while on Globe you can use the free MB playing supported games. To see available free games you can visit Globe's GoSurf website.

With GoSurf 50, I enjoy Free Facebook and Messenger, plus the 300MB for other online activities and the free games which in this case I use with Clash of Clans. For movies, like I mentioned above I am with iFlix so I also subscribe to BigBytes when needed, the rise of dual-SIM smartphones are very helpful for Pinoy users like me.

To conclude, I don't really see that this one is better than the other one and that is because offerings and target users are based on their lifestyle. Like myself, I will benefit more on GoSurf than BigBytes because, again, of Facebook, Spotify and CoC. Still both offerings are really value-for-money for Filipino online users.

Source 1: Smart Inc
Source 2: Globe Telecom

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