Smart Inc's Voyager Innovation Introduces us their New Online Store, Tack This!

A couple of days ago I was one of the invited guests, together with my fellow Davao Bloggers Society members, at a meet up dinner that was set up by Voyager Innovation's AVP for Digital Commerce Rebecca Ricalde and her team. The main purpose of this simple yet information, fun and food-filled gathering was to introduce us their newest digital and online-based service called Tack This!. Yes with the exclamation point. : )

First off let me tell you that Voyager Innovation is a wholly owned subsidiary of PLDT and Smart Communications Inc that focuses, specializes, creates and innovates digital services for the ever growing number of online users not just in the Philippines but also from other parts of the globe. And like what I mentioned above, these passionate people gathered us together to talk about their newest product that aims to help entrepreneurs big and small in having their online presence through their e-commerce website called Tack This!.

Tack This! has partnered with these companies to make payments and shipping a lot easier for both customers and sellers.

Before Ms Rebecca Ricalde moved ahead to the main course of the discussion she talked about some figures about the online community, the growing number of Filipino users on the internet, the 2015's forecast for global online purchase trend (it's in billions of dollars), to cut it short every one of those are boasting high digits and are also expected to continue to rise as we move forward to through this digital age. She even discussed some of the challenges many business establishments in the country that are facing when it comes to adapting the digital world, like the skills to create, manage and maintain online presence or stores, the cost of creating, running and operating them as well leading to most of these businesses thinking that establishing and expanding their identity online is just going to cost them more money and more time that's why a big number of them would rather stay offline and continue operation in their physical addresses and stores. Those are the obstacles that Tack This! would like to address and help these merchants with, to provide an ecommerce solution that only takes so much less time and knowledge to create and publish so that they can focus more on running the business itself like the inventory and interacting with customers.

Ms. Ricalde went ahead and introduced the Tack This! website which is at One of the main features of this site is DIY or Do It Yourself which sports a very simple yet beautiful platform for all types of merchants or sellers as most Filipinos call them. This simplicity makes the site more user friendly, Ms, Ricalde said they did not put too much features in it just the important ones to enable users to upload their products' photos, provide descriptions and pricing and start selling to online customers. I tried the website myself and checked if my limited time and experience would confirm of those promises.

At the front page, users are encouraged to "get started". I clicked on that and was greeted with a 30-Day Free Trial offer, I clicked yes and punched in my name, email and password I would like to use, then the following page asked for my desired store name and a contact number and the final step was to select a theme or template for my store, and that was it I'm signed up and ready. It was a very fast, easy and simple sign up process which immediately brought me to my dashboard where I can see important details about my e-store like number of visits, my inventory and do some selling-related stuff, upload photos and others.

It was indeed a very simple process signing up and getting started with the free trial so up until that I can say that Voyager Innovation was able to deliver what they are talking about this product. However I am not a seller so I could not provide more details and personal impressions about how the whole thing works. But they are definitely worth a try.

One of the features I really liked the most about this Tack This! is what they call "Tackable", in other words your Tack This! store can be embedded to Facebook page, blogs and other sites giving your customers the ability to shop and place orders without leaving those platforms. Annother thing I like about this product is the option to buy your own domain and use it there, other free e-commerce sites don't have this particular option and just force users to use their store name alongside the store providers' name but with Tack This! you can completely own the domain or website address. There is of course an option to use Tack This! provided site url if you prefer not to buy domain.

Another great feature and service Tack This! offers is the Tack This Concierge which helps sellers to manage their online store from photography to inventory, giving sellers more time to focus on their business. To learn more about this service you can check this link out.

If you are planning to start your own online store or looking for an alternative to the one that you already have, you may go ahead and give Tack This! a try and see if this will suit your needs and help you grow your business online.

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