Which Uses more Battery Power, Apps with Ads or without?


Did you ever notice the cause behind the less battery time of your cellphone? If you haven't found the cause yet, this article will help you in finding the cause for less battery timing of the smartphone that you use. If you are worried about the battery timing of your phone and would like to improve the efficiency of it, you need to know what the reason behind less battery life.

Paid and unpaid apps

You might have gone through the words free apps, as the world is revolutionized by the use of latest technology. People are using all kinds of apps, paid and unpaid, without knowing the consequences of the usage of these applications. Free apps are named as free but because of numerous advertisements, your smartphone battery drains much faster by using these apps frequently. Online websites are placing a list of advertisements on web these days, but few apps like Kaymu and EasyShop are safe to use. Research suggested that apps with ads take up to more than 48% of CPU battery time, 22% more memory use and 56% greater CPU utilization. While using a free app, ads are downloaded automatically, which can also install malwares and viruses in the computer or smartphone. 79% of network data is used by these apps. Latest technology has caused the people to use 3G and 4G networks, due to which marketers are giving these free ads and this is costing the user more than you can imagine. You can check this article for more details about it.

According to William Halfond, a professor at USC who co-led the study at RIT, said that, "Users must be aware of the fact that apps they use aren't exactly free."

Usage of unpaid apps leads to,

  • Drainage of 16% more energy

  • Shortage of battery life from 2.5 hours to 2.1 hours on average, or 1.7 hours after constant usage

  • 22% more memory usage

  • More tha 50% CPU usage

  • 40% greater CPU time

  • Hidden costs

  • 65-75% of energy consumed by free apps is because of advertising according to Microsoft Research

If we see the overall impact of these ads, we'll get to know that users are getting frustrated because of the reasons described above. Few tips on how to gain more customer satisfaction and saving energy from prefetching ads are given below.

  • Selling virtual goods, many gaming apps have started selling virtual goods for e.g. Temple Run and Candy Crush

  • Self-made ads, three famous apps Facebook, Crackle and Pandora, generate their own ads instead of using a third party medium

Try to use paid apps more than unpaid ones to save your battery timing and stop using an app if it becomes frustrating for you, there are a lot of other ways to enjoy games and movies after all.

Thanks to Kaymu.ph for proving this very informative article. Kaymu .ph is a Rocket Internet venture and largest online market place in the Philippines.

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