Asus Joins PC-on-a-Stick Market with VivoStick Running on Windows 10

Is PC-on-a-Stick going to be the one of the next waves of must-have devices by the consumers? While I may not know the right answer, I can safely say that portable connected device is one of the must-haves in today's digital world. This means convenience to a lot of people who move and interact a lot in the online world. Microsoft and Lenovo are just some of the most popular brands which have already jumped into the fray and are already offering their own PC stick devices.

Asus is the newest player in this market as it just officially unveiled its $129 dongle-sized PC stick called VivoStick. For those who are not aware what a PC-on-a-stick is, it is just a computer's central processing unit (CPU or Towers) made simple and shrinked into a size of a typical USB dongle, just as pictured above. Just plug it in to any HDMI ready display and you will have a full fledged Windows PC up and running.

Although I haven't tried one yet, I know that these types of products are at least capable enough to execute typical online activities like processing documents, music and video streaming and online browsing.  This should be enough to so many (if not most) tech consumers worldwide.

Looking at the Asus VivoStick specs below, this is clearly an answer to Intel Compute Stick that was also launched a couple of months back. The price tag is relatively the same (at just $129) as well as the specs.

Asus VivoStick specs:

- Intel Cherry Trail processor
- Intel Graphics
- 32GB Internal Storage
- 2 USB ports
- Headphone Jack
- Windows 10
- 70 grams
- 138 x 34 x 15mm
- Bluetooth 4.0
- WiFi 802.11n
- $129

As of writing Asus has not formally released information on its market and availability date. It will probably be released this year, maybe in time for the holiday season. Whenever that maybe, I am one of those hoping for this tiny PC to be launched here in the Philippines.

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