Asus ZenPower 10050mAh Power Bank Quick Review

The Asus ZenPower power bank with a massive 10,050mAh battery has been released in the Philippines for quite a while now. When it was first unveiled a couple of months back, I was one of those users who already sold to this smartphone accessory mainly of two reasons, the portability or the physical size and the asking price. Those are the two features highlighted by Asus on this newest ZenPower they offer, I am pretty sure I was not the only one rooting for this device. So make the story short, I just got my own 10,050mAh ZenPower, used it and observed it. Now let me share you a quick review of mine about it.

Battery longevity has always been an issue with most smartphones of today, although a lot of power-saving features and functionality have been associated with recent devices especially in the flagship ones like ultra-power saving mode when the percentage of battery power runs low and the fast charge technology, still many of the consumers can't last a whole day with their smartphones still powered and running. I think this is because most smartphone manufacturers wanted to sell very lightweight and slim devices on the market and this kind of trend is nearly impossible to associate with more long lasting battery pack. Bigger battery means bulkier and heavier device and most users do not want their phones to be that hefty, like myself. So what's the best solution? Power banks.

These are what found in the box. The ZenPower itself, USB connector, user manual and the warranty card.
These are what found in the box. The ZenPower itself, USB connector, user manual and the warranty card

Thankfully a lot of the same manufacturers are offering smartphone buddies like powerbanks. Like any other gadgets and accessories around, powerbanks also have ugly sides like the design, weight and size and sometimes the pricing. Asus tries to address those turn-offs with this ZenPower 10,050mAh power bank. It's small, nice looking with its aluminum unibody design, not-that-heavy (about 215 grams), safe and affordable.

Let's talk about safetyness of this device. Asus boasts an 11-layer of security feature this device has and they are the following...

  • Temperature Protection

  • Short Circuit Protection

  • Rest Protection

  • Input Over Voltage Protection

  • Output Over Voltage Protection

  • Input Reverse Direction Protection

  • Over Charge/Over Discharge Protection

  • Output Over Current Protection

  • Cell PTC Protection

  • Adapter Protection

  • JEITA Protection

When it comes to size, it's selling tag line is "credit card-sized powerbank," does this really just as big as a regular credit card? I put that to the test. However, I am not a fan of credit cards so I don't have any. I instead used my Smartmoney card in this case, which is of course has the same size of a credit card, to see if the tag line holds to its promise. See the image below.

asus zenpower credit card size

Furthermore, on the top side of the ZenPower lies four most-looked-at and most-used-features, the round power button, four LED lights (battery percentage indicators), one USB port for charging other devices, and a micro-USB port for charging the powerbank.

  • 0% - 25% = 1 light

  • 25% - 50% = 2 lights

  • 50% - 75% = 3 lights

  • 75% - 100% = 4 lights

So how long it takes to fully charge an Asus ZenPower 10050mAh power bank? From zero to 100% fully charged, it takes me about 6-7 hours using a wall charger that comes with my Asus ZenFone 2 (ZE551ML [2GB/16GB] ) model.

What about charging my phone using the power bank? This ZenPower features fast-charging tech with up to 2.4a power output. Again from zero to 100% charged, charging only takes me less than three hours. When I charge my smartphone the normal way with the charger directly from a power outlet, that would be a minimum of three hours before I see that 100% life on my phone again.


Asus promises this ZenPower 10050mAh to fully charge my ZenFone 2 (with 3000mAh pack) more than twice. So I also put that to the test, the verdict? Yes, the promise was simply delivered. More than twice my ZenFone 2 got drained, more than twice the ZenPower recharged the same phone.

Of course, this is not a perfect power bank around. I still have some dislikes about his Asus ZenPower 10050mAh. And those are...

  • Can't charge more than one device at a time

  • The USB connector it comes with is a bit short

  • No wall charger of its own


Some power banks I have seen and heard are capable of charging at least two devices at once. Whenever I am on the go and needed to use this powerbank on my phone while at the same time use the phone, the length of the connector is very inconvenient that I needed to hold both devices in my hands. So what I do is I bring my charger's USB cable and use it for this purpose so I can have the power bank lying on a table or any surface while I use the phone. I play Clash of Clans, so you know I am on my phone whenever there's opportunity to attend to my village and troops, lol. If these particular features are something Asus can add to their next power bank for minimal price increase, I will definitely be one of the first users to switch.

But overall, for the features it offers, the design and dimenstions it sports and most of all the price tag of just Php795, the Asus ZenPower 10050mah powerbank is a real steal and should be on top of your must-have power banks.

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