Buy from iTunes and App Store and Charge it to your Smart PostpaidAccount

Smart Communications Inc, the leading telecommunications company in the Philippines, just recently launched its first-in-the-Philippines mobile service, the Smart Pay-With-Mobile. If you are an iOS device user and would really like making purchases from Apple through your iOS-powered gadget, this service will definitely benefit you as it allows all Smart postpaid subscribers to charge their App Store, iTunes and Apple Music transactions directly to their postpaid account.

What's so nice about this new service is that it won't require users to provide credit cards, actually this is the main barrier why a lot of Filipinos are not able to make purchases from App Stores and this is exactly what Smart Pay With Mobile service is trying to answer. In other words, Smart Postpaid subscribers simply need to make a one-time text-based registration process to enroll to the program, without the need for credit card and other financial-related documents, and they will be able to conveniently make purchases for their favorite games or apps, or even pay their Apple Music subscription only using their postpaid account.

"Smart Pay-With-Mobile is part of our overall strategy to make engaging and exciting digital content increasingly accessible to more Filipinos, who are now more empowered than ever to live the Smart Life and turn their smartphones into an all-access entertainment portal anytime, anywhere," said Mellissa Limcaoco, Head of Innovation and Product Development at Smart. "Mobile users and consuming more and more digital content now, and we are optimistic that Smart Pay-With-Mobile will further increase the Filipino appetite for more mobile content in general - not just streaming videos and music, but also playing mobile games and downloading digital books and magazines - and further boost the remarkable performance of our mobile data business in the process," added Limcaoco.

So how to register and get started with this Smart Pay-With-Mobile? 

Like I mentioned above, you can do it via sms-based registration process by simply texting REG to 4949. Once your registration request is received and processed by Smart, you will be sent a "virtual credit card number" which you will then be able to use exclusively for your iTunes account for making transactions.

Please take note that for every transaction you will make on iTunes via this Smart Pay-With-Mobile service, there will be a 15% VAT and convenience fee on top of the prices listed on store.

The Smart Pay With Mobile service is open to all Postpaid Plan 300 and up subscribers as well as to all Smart Bro iPad Plan users.

What about for Smart prepaid users? Smart says...

"Our goal is to eventually make Smart Pay With Mobile available to all our users, including our prepaid users, who for now can rely on Smartmoney, an innovative electronic mobile wallet, to purchase Apple content and services even without a credit card."

To see the complete registration process and a step-by-step procedure on how to register your virtual credit card number on your iTunes account and see FAQs, you can visit Smart Pay-With-Mobile dedicated webpage here.

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