Pre-order Your Ulefone uWear Smartwatch from GearBest with Discount


Smartwatch is now one of the most well known gadgets in the technology sphere, most (if not all) smartphone or tablet users know what smartwatch is and what it is capable of doing alone or connected with another device. Samsung and Apple are two of the most recognizable electronics brands in the world that are already selling their own smartwatch offerings aside from the usual phones and tablets. But many are not aware that there are other brands that have also created their versions of the smart wearable that both sport competitive features and specs at a very affordable price, one of these is from Ulefone company called uWear.

Apart being an affordable one, which is a nice feat that many users will find attractive, the Ulefone uWear smartwatch also sports another feature that many smartphone consumers will definitely love, it is compatible with the two dominating mobile operating systems in the world, iOS and Android. Yes, that's right! The Ulefon uWear works with those platforms. Does it sport waterproof capability? Yes it does, actually it is an IP65 certified device.
At first look we can already say that the Ulefone uWear smartwatch's design took inspiration from Apple Watch design like the rectangular face, stainless steel case and a fluoroelast√≥metro Strap.

Now let's talk about a quick look at the device's specs. The display has a measurement of 1.44 inches diagonally sporting a 2.5D arc touch screen and a 128x128 display resolution. On the inside, housed by the smartwatch are 32MB of RAM and 32MB internal storage, Bluetooth functionality, a 220mAh battery pack that can last up to 7 days on standby and many more.

Push notifications is also one of the functionalities of this Ulefone uWear smartwatch. Say you have Facebook Twitter, GMail and WhatsApp accounts forexample, you can have notifications from these platforms forwarded to the smartwatch over WiFi connection.


UleFone uWatch specs:

- 1.44" Display with 2.5D arc touch screen
- 128x128 resolution
- 32MB RAM
- 32MB internal storage
- Android and iOS compatible
- Dialer, Message
- Bluetooth 4.0
- IP65 waterproof
- 316L Stainless Steel Case
- Fluoroelastomer sport strap
- Black or White
- 220mAh Polymer Lithium battery


Main Features:
Pedometer / Sleep monitoring / Sedentary reminder: Your private management expert, monitor the daily movement, the quality of your sleep and remind you to have a rest. Enjoy unfettered moment while helping you achieve your health goals.
Remote camera / music: Can control your smart phone to take photos and play music, and you can enjoy the pleasure on your wrist.
Anti lost / Find phone: Unique proximity sensor system, two-way anti lost, take good care of your smart watch and phone.
Dialer / Message: When a call or message is coming, you can check it without taking out of your mobile phone.
• Information push: Can push Twitter, G-mail, Facebook, WhatsApp information, you can easily communicate with your friends or family.
IP65 waterproof: You can wear it to do daily washing, such as wash hands and face.

Products characteristics:
2.5D Arc touch screen: 2.5D Arc screen wide viewing angle.
316L stainless steel case: Unique industrial design, the case of uWear involves 40 different procedures. It is thin, smooth and hard.
Fluoroelastomer strap: Fluoroelastomer sport strap is the same as iWatch.


This Ulefone uWear bluetooth smartwatch is not released yet but online stores are already accepting pre-orders. One of the ecommerce sites we saw it from is the You may now visit the GearBest online store and  pre-order yours for a price tag of just $29.99 before September 30, 2015. However, if you use the coupon code "Uwear" you can have it for an even more affordable price which is at $22.99. What's best about is that they ship products to so many countries in the world, and that includes the Philippines.

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