There's a New Variant of Asus ZenFone 2


The Taiwanese company Asus has yet again launched another member of the ever-growing ZenFone series, this time around to fill a tiny gap between the current two models of the ZenFone 2. This new device sports 16GB internal storage and 4GB of RAM and its going to be priced $229.

This new version of Asus ZenFone 2 fills the gap between the 64GB/4GB RAM and 16GB/2GB RAM models. Additionally this particular version is more like a slight upgraded iteration of the original 16GB/2GB RAM combo rather than a trimmed down 64GB/4GB RAM variant, that's because the processor in this new ZenFone is still an Intel Atom chip but with 1.8GHz clocking. Then the rest of the specs are just simply the same, just doubling the amount of RAM.
For now, this version will be released in the US for a price tag of $229 (unlocked), and comparing that to other two models when they launched in the States, prices were $199 and $299,  16GB/2GB RAM and 64GB/4GB RAM respectively.

As of writing, we do not know yet if Asus also plans to bring this new dude in the Philippine market. If the answer is going to be yes, we will for sure know that.


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