Smart Surf Max Offers All Day LTE Access for as Low as Php50

Smart Comminucations Inc just launched new LTE prepaid offerings which are to start this October 31st and will last until April of next year. This is the new Surf Max, which according to Smart will provide subscribers "All-Day LTE Internet Surfing" for as low as Php50 valid for one day and can go up to Php995 for 30 days. See below the full list of the promo and their corresponding price and duration.

smart surf max

I don't know if it's just me or something but I tried to look for the word "unlimited" anywhere in the Smart webpage for these packages to make sure that I translate the words "All-day LTE internet browsing" to "Unlimited LTE internet access" accurately. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the magic word. I even tried contacting the customer service, however reps can't provide me additional details about it apart from what's stated online. So I guess I will have to find it out if my assumption is correct when I register to any of the promos above starting at the end of this month. If it's really unlimited or not, I will know by then and will let you know.

What I know is that Smart is currently offering unli surf but will be discontinued when these new promos kick in. That's why I need to know if I will still get the same service with these new ones.

Smart says that this Surf Max is available to all Smart Broadband Prepaid subscribers, but there are other local blogs reporting that even postpaid and regular Smart prepaid users are also eligible for the offer.

To register you simply send the corresponding keyword to 9999. For example SURFMAX50 and send it to 9999. You can also do it through your Smart Bro dashboard. Once successfully enrolled you will be sent a text notification as well as expiry reminders via sms. Learn more directly from Smart website about this Surf Max internet promo here.

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