These Cherry Mobile Flare Smartphones are Confirmed to get AndroidLollipop Update

cherry mobile update

Cherry Mobile through their official Facebook page has officially announced which of their previous Flare smartphone are to get the latest Android Lollipop update. So if you have been waiting for the software update on your phone and wants to know if your Flare device is one of the few to get the sweetest update check out the list below.

The following are the list of Flare phones to get the Android Lollipop update.
  • Flare X
  • Flare S3 Lite
  • Flare S3 Octa
  • Flare S3 Power
These are the few lucky ones to get updated for now and I know there are other Flare devices that didn't make to the list, I wouldn't be happy too if I was one those users. Good news is, they are definitely releasing software updates for older devices. Let's just hope that Cherry Mobile is still working on them and an update will be released in the near future not just for Flare series but also for others lineup.

Furthermore, Cherry Mobile didn't say when exactly the Android Lollipop will be released or at least when we can expect it to arrive, they just advised everyone to "stay tuned." If you have not following Cherry Mobile yet on Facebook, you can hit the source link below and start doing so so you can get latest updates from them directly.


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