Go Duterte is Now an Official Android Game

From the creators of Tanim Bala mobile game called Kulit Games, comes a new Android-based game that was just released on Google Play a few days ago and lets you help Mayor Rody Duterte (who is now officially running for president) find criminals and shoot them, meet Go Duterte.

Looks like Kulit Games is pro-Duterte and they are at it again taking advantage of the current and popular happenings in the Philippines, just like what they did when Tanim Bala or Laglag Bala was in front page of every national papers and websites, the fun game was released.

Go Duterte is again a simple yet fun game, you earn points as you kill that can be used to buy other weapons and move on to the next levels. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is known for allegedly killing criminals (in Davao city) through the rumored Davao Death Squad which eventually made the city of Davao as one of the safest cities in the world to live or have a vacation in. And this game is based on that, you use on-screen buttons to guide Duterte to villains and shoot/kill them.

Kulit Games describes this Go Duterte Game as...
"Help Duterte shoot the incoming villains!

"Move him from left to right using the dedicated arrows on the lower leftmost part of the screen, as he encounters robbers, kidnappers, corrupt politicians and the rest of the gang!Press and hold the “shoot” button to attack the enemies. Be as alert and fast as you can! Each thug killed has equivalent points that you can use to buy additional weapons and ammunition.

Get RODY TO RUMBLE and be part of Duterte`s journey!"

Source: Go Duterte (Google Play Store)
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