Three Months of Spotify Premium for just Php9.00 Here's How

Yes you read the title correctly, I was also surprised to see the promotional offer when I visited the Spotify website earlier today on my desktop computer. Pinoy users can take advantage of Spotify Premium music streaming service for just Php9.00 for three months. That means, no adds in between of the songs we play, unlimited skips on mobile phone, play any song you want and offline listening for 90 days for less than ten pesos.

Who are eligible?

This introductory offer is only for those Spotify users who haven't went premium yet and this promo is only offered by Spotify Philippines only until January 2, 2016. After the three months is over, regular fee will apply which is Php129 and if you want to continue with the Premium you can just add funds to your card and it will automatically be charged. If not, simply cancel the premium subscription before your promo period ends.

Unfortunately I cannot take advantage this offer anymore since I have been subscribing to the premium package for a couple of months now. And when it comes to the experience using Spotify Premium, it's way better than having the free service especially if you are listening music on your smartphone for most of the time. You can skip songs without limit or play any song you want and most of all you can download your songs in your playlist for offline listening when the internet connection is not available.

How to enroll?

To sign up for Spotify Premium and try this Php9.00 offer, you simply visit the Spotify website here, scroll down to the lower part of the webpage and click on "Get 3 Months for P9.00" button and provide the necessary details to move forward with the signing up process.

Take note!

It is important to note that upon signing up, you will also need to provide credit/ card information. If you currently do not have any, you may use the newly launched PayMaya service or the SmartMoney to sign up. You may visit my post about PayMaya and how to get one, or my other post about SmartMoney and how to get one instantly as well as learning more about these two digital payment solutions.

Can you sign up through your Spotify app on your device?

The good news is yes you can, just go to the settings and select "Get Premium". If you are eligible to get this Php9.00 offer, you should be able to see it in the sign up page. Now, Spotify also accepts payment via Globe Telecom which will be deducted from your prepaid load or be added to your postpaid bill, however this option is not eligible for this promotional offer and Spotify will need a payment method which will allow them to charge you automatically. Hence, credit card or debit card is the only option.

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  1. What do they mean by those who havent tried premium yet? Does that mean those who "never tried ever" or those who have tried before, but are no longer subscribed to premium?

  2. Hi Cams,

    This means, this introductory offer is only for first time Spotify Premium users. Because previously, I took advantage of Spotify's free 7-day trial for subscribing to their Premium service and then when this Php9.00 promo came out and I was no longer on Premium, I couldn't sign up for this same promo anymore.

  3. Aaaaww. Thats what ive been trying to know about. SAAAAD :( Anw,thank you for letting me know. :)

  4. Is it really 9 pesos? It says on the ad it is but when I purchase it sometimes appear as 129.00 so I'm scared I might pay for the wrong price accidentally

  5. If you have previously taken advantage of other Spotify's promos, then most likely you are no longer eligible for newer ones.

  6. i had my subscription and this time regular rate of monthly spotify premium is deducted thru my cc. However, i dont need anymore the subscription yet for two mos now the amount of 129 is still deducted. How can i unsubcribe? Pls beed immediate response. Thanks

    1. You can just simply remove your credit card details from the settings.

  7. Dont ever upgrade to premium. They charge me even I already unsubscribe to my plan ahead of time? I signed up for 3 months promo 9php, but I decided no to continue. BEFORE my subscription ends I already unsubribed yet they charged me .. Grabe kakaloka 2 months ko lang nagamit.Siguro wla talagang free. False Ad. NEVER EVER UPGRADE TO PREMIUN, free is enough even though with adds still fine than charged by spotify theif. Even though its just a small amount it is still a form of cheating.

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  10. Meron na ding promo for Students 50% OFF
    just 65php/month
    regular Premium costs 129/month in the philippines