Spotted: Blackview Smartwatch?

So I was in one of the shopping malls here in Davao city yesterday, then I dropped by a Blackview pop-up store to see what they had on display like new Blackview smartphones and their accessories, but I was a surprised upon seeing one of the products available at that store, a smartwatch with Blackview branding. See image below.


Let me share you first the key specs this smartwatch is showing upfront.

  • 2.0 capacitive touchscreen

  • Audio player

  • Video player

  • Bluetooth

  • 0.3MP camera

  • FM Radio

Now the thing is I am not actually sure if this is a real Blackview smartwatch mainly for two reasons. First, there is branding on the watch that says "Kenxinda S-Watch 2.0" and second is the device's box (on the left) has a "Blackview" branding but more of a sticker. I made some research in the internet and found that Kenxinda is an existing company and that this watch is one of the devices they currently offer in the market.

Of course I asked a Blackview representative at that store if this is an official Blackview product, and I was told "yes," then the follow up question I had was "How much?", then she answered "Php3,999". I was in a hurry and she was too busy attending to other customers, so I just took a photo of the smartwatch and decided to make more research online about this product.

Now let's talk more about this watch as a Kenxinda-made smart watch. I learned a couple of new things about this "Intelligent Watch" online, like it supports micro-SIM functionality, 600mAh built-in battery, microSD card support up to 32GB and many more.

It is also stated that this watch is powered by an Android OS (not Android Wear), so I guess it's a smartwatch and that's according to this website.

This smartwatch is even on Amazon for a price tag of $85.99 or about Php4,000.

I have contacted Blackview Philippines to confirm this product and once I have an answer from them, I will just update this post.

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