"Tanim-Bala" is Now an Android Mobile Game

Amid this Philippines' controversy or alledged scam over Tanim-Bala or Laglag-Bala at NAIA, a Filipino developer called Kulit Games managed to create a simple yet fun game out of this issue. This Android-based game is named after the said scam "Tanim-Bala" or "Buller-Planting".


This game is very simple, all players have to do it is to make sure they don't get hit by bullets being dropped on them (actually it's more appropriate to name Laglag-Bala than Tanim-Bala) by moving to the left or to the right using two simple buttons. The more bullets you avoid, the higher your score will be. When a player is hit, the game is over and they are asked to pay $1000 by a police, very similar to what we are hearing from the news on the TV and internet.

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